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Finding the right person to fulfill your IT needs can be quite difficult, especially if your needs are varied. Traditionally, you would look for a web developer for your website, a network specialist to manage your network, and so on. I can provide all that for you! It’s very important to me that I keep my skills up to date and I’m always learning something new.

I’ve always been tinkering with technology but when I was younger, I’d more often than not break anything I took apart. That’s not the case anymore though I’m pleased to say, and it hasn’t been that way for at least 10 years! I went through school mainly wanting to work with servers, but with regular periods of wanting to design & build websites & programs too.

I finished school and went off to University to study Computer Science. Here I am now being a freelancer, 2 years after getting my 1st class degree, doing all the things I’d thought about doing before, and with some more thrown in there too for good measure. I can certainly say, I’m never bored, that’s for sure.

Since leaving university, I’ve established myself as a trusted service provider for some notable clients, including:

  • Running Ushaw College’s IT systems in Durham
  • Hosting website design & development workshops for creative organisations, including Northern Heartlands
  • Developed & worked on websites for creative businesses like Create North< RTProjects and Roz Gadd
  • Building Virtual Reality scenes for autism therapy and a website for Third Eye Neurotech
  • Producing poetry videos for Tony Gadd
  • Migrating small businesses to a better online workspace like Office 365, including Create North

On a different side of things, I’ve even built headphone cables for people as far away as California. And, for the record, they loved them!

I’d like to be able to work for you too; Contact Me to let me know how I can help!

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